Actualidad AEU

7 de Marzo 2022

Spanish Urological Association (AEU) Statement on the War in Ukraine

The AEU is deeply concerned and saddened by the unfolding war in Ukraine and is absolutely against the use of violence in Ukraine.

It is unbearable to witness what is happening in Ukraine. We condemn any acts of violence. We are set on advancing human progress and as such, the health and well-being of people will always be at the center of our actions.

AEU stands in solidarity with its colleagues and people of Ukraine and all individuals around the world who are impacted by any violent conflict.

The AEU and their members are united in their wish for a peaceful resolution and are committed to the internationalism and collaboration

As a global society, the AEU embraces peace and freedom for all, and opposes violence. We oppose wars as a means of settling disputes of any kind and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution.

We remain committed to our members and our mission: to elevate patient care through national and international co-operation in education and research, training and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Our thoughts are with the victims, and it is our hope that peace will prevail quickly.

On behalf of the AEU board.